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Feb 13 14

Green Tea & It’s Benefits

by admin

In this new year of 2014, you might want to get healthy. A lot of people like those overly priced fat burners and think they work. The only thing that works is you losing money.

Fat burners are not healthy for you. Also, another thing people love to do is to go on fad diets. Guess what, that does not work either.

Your body is made in the kitchen and you need to eat healthy first. And you need to mix that in with a good workout routine. You would want to do something that is High Intensity because that burns the most fat. Not only when you are in the gym but after you leave as well.

And the best thing that you should be taking is green tea. This is a natural tea that comes from the Earth and is actually good for your health. The difference between green tea and other fat burners is Day And Night! Also, green tea, pure green tea, is not as expensive as fat burners that have way too much caffeine and not enough healthy benefits.

So make sure to take an appropriate amount of green tea daily, mixed with healthy foods like chicken and BROWN rice. And you then you work out with HIIT and you will be well on your way to a healthy lifestyle.

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